Personal Shopping

The modern world has changed dramatically, and personal stylists have become an essential luxury service in the world of good living.

With many years of experience and love for fashion, Lana provides a full range of professional services to tailor to your individual needs.

Wardrobe & Closet Organization

We will organize and categorize your wardrobe, eliminate unworn and unwanted clothes that do not fit properly or are out of style, create new outfits from your current wardrobe, and suggest new items to round out your wardrobe.

Made-to-Measure Clothing

Experience a truly personal touch with made-to-measure clothing. Working with the finest fabrics and tailoring, we will create your unique style and best fit possible.

Style Management

We will help you identify your personal style based on personality, profession, lifestyle, body type, and wardrobe preferences.

Gift Buying Services

We will take care of your gift shopping for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and all other special occasions keeping you organized and saving you time.

Destination Shopping

Capture the excitement and exclusivity that destination shopping can provide nationwide as well as internationally.

Special Event Styling

We will introduce you to internationally renowned hair stylists and make-up artists. A make-over and photo shoot with a nationally acclaimed photographer may also be provided to capture your new look.

Personalized Wardrobe Look-Books

We will create a personalized wardrobe look book that will save you time and effort in selecting your outfits.