An Extraordinary Eye

Lana has an extraordinary eye for picking the right clothes.  I have been buying suits and accessories for over two decades, and I always thought my taste was good enough.  However, I realize now after working with Lana for a few years just how far off I was.  Many of my choices in selecting my wardrobe stemmed from the wrong ideas.  Some of these ideas were inherited – I dressed the way my dad did.  Dome of the ideas I picked up from a vague awareness of what other people were wearing.  I ended up with the worst combination of conservative and dull.

Lana has an extraordinary knack for picking out suits, ties, shirts, overcoats – the whole package – with an eye for quality, a look of beauty, and not what you would expect.  I am often complimented on my clothes now, ant this never happened before.  It is due entirely to her good eye and sense of what goes well together.

CB Maddox
Public Relations Managing Director, New York

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